Our Solution for Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance… it’s not one size fits all

Our policies offer a variety of built-in and optional benefits, making it easy to tailor a plan of coverage that’s just right for you. Here are some of the most popular features.

Why LTC coverage
may be a better option

Consider a linked-benefit policy.
Unlike a traditional long-term care policy, a linked-benefit policy offers more
than just LTC benefits — it’s linked to a life insurance policy with a death benefit
typically equal to or more than premiums paid. That means a benefit is paid
whether you need LTC or not.

Let’s take a closer look:

A linked-benefit policy
The policy is an asset that’s not tied to the market, and it’s ready
anytime to provide funds for potential LTC needs.

LTC benefits

This is the amount you receive each month to help pay for your
long-term care needs.

Death benefit
The death benefit preserves this asset for the beneficiaries to the
extent that LTC is not needed and typically returns at least the
premium paid — or more, if LTC benefits have never been paid.

The policy will remain a liquid asset in the form of the cash
surrender value.

How benefits are paid

LTC policies pay benefits in several ways, including
reimbursement and cash indemnity plans.

The more common way policies pay benefits is through reimbursement of costs
incurred. These plans cover only expenses specific to long-term care services that
qualify under your policy. Additionally, monthly bills and receipts are required in order
to receive benefits.
By contrast, cash indemnity policies pay benefits with no restrictions from the
insurance company on how the money is used. No monthly bills and receipts are
required once a claim is approved.